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Atlas Cartridges

Curved Magnum - 0.35 - 12 Gauge

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The ATLAS Curved Magnum® has undergone detailed and systematic testing to ensure you as an artist can achieve precision and stability during each single use.

Here at ATLAS we demand excellence.

We consistently meet the highest standards of hygiene, sterilisation and safety.

Delivering a cartridge system that is both professionally designed and expertly crafted.

We manufacture using the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel needles and a stringent Polyethylene housing that is comfortable in hand and effective in practice.

Each individual cartridge features an integrated safety membrane and is gas sterilised using Ethylene Oxide. This guarantees a sanitary and uncontaminated product every time.

Additional Information:

  • Each pack contains 20 individual cartridges
  • Standard tapered needle
  • 0.35mm/12 Gauge Needle